• Shock (1977)

    Shock (1977)

    Arrow Video delivers Mario Bava’s final film, Shock, on Blu-ray.

  • The Toolbox Murders

    The Toolbox Murders

    Spade bit, to the head of the nude woman, in the bathtub. That’s all you really need to know about this creepy variant of Clue.

  • Shawscope Volume One Blu-ray

    Shawscope Volume One Blu-ray

    Revisit some of the most memorable martial arts movies of the kung fu era with this 12-film box set from legendary Hong Kong film studio, Shaw Brothers.

  • GSW: The Film

    GSW: The Film

    A documentary on gun violence in urban America through the eyes of our nation’s leading trauma surgeons.

  • Dune


    With a new edition of “Dune” out in the galaxy, let’s check out this snazzy reissue from Arrow MVD.

  • Yokai Monsters Collection

    Yokai Monsters Collection

    Yokai, Japan’s friendly monsters get the love in Arrow’s new Blu-ray box set and Phil Bailey isn’t spooked.

  • Best of Film 2021

    Best of Film 2021

    Lily and Generoso select and review their ten favorite features, seven supplemental films, and two prized repertory releases of 2021.

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