• Seniors, A Dogumentary

    Seniors, A Dogumentary

    Meet the people who do more than rescue dogs. They rescue older dogs who are the hardest to place.

  • He Came from the Swamp: The William Grefe Collection Blu-ray

    He Came from the Swamp: The William Grefe Collection Blu-ray

    In spite of, or perhaps because of, the films’ budget and time restraints the filmography of William Grefé is not without considerable charm and which is masterfully captured in this four disc Blu-ray set from Arrow Video.

  • Guitar Man

    Guitar Man

    He’s the best-selling artist on the Billboard Blues charts, and most people don’t know his name. Who is Joe Bonamassa? Guitar Man tells you that story.

  • Dahmer


    A biopic of Jeffery Dahmer, Milwaukee’s most famous mass murderer. Not for the faint of heart.

  • Wyrm


    Welcome to a retro future world where everyone wears an electronic dog collar until their first sexual experience. Making out counts.

  • Uncle Peckerhead

    Uncle Peckerhead

    Maybe getting a roadie from a creepy van isn’t the best idea, but then again having a cannibal driving your tour bus can smooth out a lot of little issues.

  • Herb Alpert Is…

    Herb Alpert Is…

    This biopic follows Herb Alpert’s rise to the top of the music world, and his life time of continued success.

  • Silent Running

    Silent Running

    The early ’70s cult classic Silent Running gets major upgrade from Arrow Video.

  • Comfort and Joy

    Comfort and Joy

    With just a few short days before Christmas in Glasgow, morning drive time disc jockey, Alan “Dickie” Bird finds himself caught in the middle of an absurd ice cream war in Bill Forsyth’s masterful 1984 comedy, Comfort and Joy. Generoso reviews this underrated gem which he holds dear as his all-time favorite holiday film.

  • Fully Realized Humans

    Fully Realized Humans

    Josh and Jesse are expecting their first baby. A rain of useful helpful advice nearly smothers them, until they have to start changing diapers.

  • Best of Film 2020

    Best of Film 2020

    Lily and Generoso select and review their ten favorite features, five supplemental films, and prized repertory releases of 2020.

  • Daughters of Darkness

    Daughters of Darkness

    This visually stunning vampire masterpiece gets its due in this lavish Blu-ray set.

  • The Last Starfighter

    The Last Starfighter

    A classic from the 1980s gets a welcome reissue on Blu-ray.

  • The Deeper You Dig

    The Deeper You Dig

    Guerrilla filmmaking at its best by the Adams family on his haunting tale of karmic retribution.

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