NMN Participant Form

NMN Participant Info

Thank you for participating in New Music Now! This form will give Ink 19 the information we need to produce a top-notch episode.

Before filling out the form, choose an album recorded within the last 3 months and develop something unique to say about it. You will focus on two tracks of your choice. If you are an artist presenting your own new music, you’ll also select two tracks from your band’s album (4 tracks total).

Once submitted, look for an email with next steps from editors@ink19.com.

Accepting these Terms and Conditions grants Ink 19 and its assigns irrevocable permission to publish transcripts, photographs, video, and audio of you alone or with others, to copyright any original content, and to use your name in conjunction therewith. By accepting, you hereby release Ink 19 from all claims and demands arising out of your participation in New Music Now.

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