How Ink 19 Works

Ink 19 is and always has been an all-volunteer magazine. Some contributors have been writing together for over 20 years, and we welcome new contributors all the time. With no specific editorial bias, we encourage staff to pursue their personal creative interests, giving the magazine a leading edge on new music, artists, and movements.

The Ink 19 publisher, editors, writers, and creators work together to publish original, thought-provoking reviews in a variety of genres and media. Find us at Ink 19 Staff.

  • Writers have a good grasp of language, a clear opinion, and something to say.
  • Copy Editors understand music and can spot extra spaces.
  • Podcast Hosts feel comfortable and chatty on-air.
  • Photographers take and edit their own slick images.
  • Illustrators employ humor and a unique style.
  • Web Designers prefer clean, modern, relevant pages.
  • Web Programmers is a misnomer—we only have one and sure could use some RedHat/PHP/mySQL jockeys.

We expect content to meet editorial standards and are committed to quality that we can all take pride in. We are a great place to gain exposure with a talented community focused on creative expression. Contributing will not afford you financial freedom, but if you are looking to broaden your publication portfolio, engage with an established editorial team, or simply share what you enjoy doing with a large audience, then by all means apply with us.