• X: The Unheard Music

    X: The Unheard Music

    A fittingly ambitious film for a fittingly artistic and poetic band.

  • American Hardcore

    American Hardcore

    The net result of plowing through a weighty tome like this is a sense of awe at how a bunch of kids created their own culture whole cloth, like the music industry on a Utopian, communal, microcosmic level.

  • Until The Light Takes Us

    Until The Light Takes Us

    A tangle of corpse paint, murky ideologies, and total atonal extremity, this is music for the committed outsider.

  • You Weren’t There

    You Weren’t There

    In the near future, there will be a documentary produced on every single punk scene or band from the late ’70s to mid ’80s. And that’s just fine.

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