• As Friends Rust

    Won (Doghouse). Review by Brian Kruger.

  • Gainesville Summer Music Showcase 2001

    Gainesville Summer Music Showcase 2001, featuring Vangard, Rad Beligion, Crash Pad. Lex Talion, Whoreculture, The Christopher Weingarten Basement Funk Allstars, Theatre Of Metal, Bracelet, DblWide, Jetsam, Allen Wrench, Grain, One Pump Chump, Breaking Up, and As Friends Rust at Various Gainesville Florida Venues, July 19-21, 2001. Event review by Brian Kruger. Photos by Kristen Affliction.

  • Gainesville Summer Music Showcase

    The Gainesville Summer Music Showcase, featuring Doug Jordan, Red Lester, Future Legend, Ithaca, Argentina, Pop Canon, the Mercury Program, Squeaky, Szechwan Pork, the Bill Perry Orchestra, Flight 121, Spike the Cat, Shermy D, Slow Motion Milkshake, Loyal Frisby, Slack Season, Noah’s Red Tattoo, As Friends Rust, and Grain, at various venues throughout Gainesville FL, July 28-29, 2000. Event review by Brian Kruger.

  • As Friends Rust

    Sometimes other peoples’ unhappiness can bring happiness to you. So it is wit…

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