• Peter Murphy

    Peter Murphy

    When Gothic godfather (oh stop it) Peter Murphy swept into Jacksonville on the 4th of July with a bag full of hits and Bauhaus classics, Matthew Moyer dropped his bottle rockets and went to check out the REAL fiireworks.

  • She Wants Revenge

    She Wants Revenge

    RJ Bowen knows that She Wants Revenge is a dish best served cold at the Club@Firestone in Orlando. Wait, that makes no sense whatsoever…

  • Night Kills The Day

    Night Kills The Day

    New York’s Night Kills The Day draw influence from bands like Depeche Mode, the Cure and Pink Floyd. Their debut full length release, The Study of Man… And the Developed Shadow, is set for a March 2007 release on Score Records. Jen Cray spoke with bassist Timothy Falzone about his band that appears to be sitting on the doorstep of success.

  • Peter Murphy

    Peter Murphy

    Unshattered (Viastar). Review by Matthew Damascus.

  • The Drown

    The Drown

    Twins (). Review by Kyrby Raine.

  • H.I.M.


    H.I.M. bring their brand of Love Metal to American audiences (and Jen Cray), and the fans come out in swarms.

  • Mount Sims

    Mount Sims

    Wild Light (International Deejay Gigolo). Review by Kiran Aditham.

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