• That Night Of Nights

    The by-no-means definitive guide to centering your whole April 1st around, yes, Wrestlemaniaaaaaaa! A “Bladejob” exclusive.

  • Some Girls Are Bigger…

    Perhaps Ziggy could play guitar, but there were many things he could never
    dream of doing. Like wrestle, for instance. A mostly, really, probably true Bladejob investigation on Akira Hokuto.

  • Michiku World Order, Bad Memory Redux, (what about) RAVEN!

    Matthew Damascus dusts off Bladejob and takes it for a trawl
    around the Web to find the ultimate Wrestling canon. Michiku Pro! High
    School Reunions! Raven Chat Rooms! There is a theme somewhere!

  • Ms. World Will Kill You (Part I)

    Matthew Damascus returns to devote Bladejob entirely to the
    most fearsome woman in wrestling EVER– spiked blue hair, capes, bound feet,
    Duran Duran makeup, and a brutal guillotine legdrop– it has to be Bull

  • Vampire Weekend Warriors

    Bladejob bites the hand that feeds it and watches the blood flow
    with a look at vampires and wrestling. Not what you’d expect. And more
    effusive praise for Steve Corino. Some would call it bad timing…

  • Rum, Sodomy And the Lash

    The Sandman is a liability for ECW and he should be cut loose, says
    Bladejob. Avert your eyes from the naked drunk wrestlers in the
    ring, please. Trauma of the highest degree when ECW comes to Pensacola.

  • Miscellaneous Brooding + In Praise of Steve Corino

    Bladejob delivers the insanity and rabble-rousing that can only
    come through watching too much wrestling in search of profound answers and

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