• Comics for the Big Kids

    Comics for the Big Kids

    Learn how to use a circle template to express the essence of human despair. Brian Heater did, and he’s a better man for it.

  • Ken & Thelma: The Story of A Confederacy of Dunces

    Ken & Thelma: The Story of A Confederacy of Dunces

    Those still searching for the definitive biography of John Kennedy Toole, after the disappointing Ignatius Rising, will not find it in Ken & Thelma, which serves as less of a biography of the Confederacy of Dunces author, than a personal memoir of author Joel L. Fletcher, who knew his subject personally. Brian Heater looks for the deeper colors of the portrait.

  • Broken Flowers

    Broken Flowers

    Bill Murray — who seems to have developed a predilection for serious yet off-beat roles in slowly-paced films — stars in Jim Jarmusch’s latest as a sleuthing ex-Lothario. Brian Heater investigates.

  • The Cute Manifesto

    The Cute Manifesto

    Run for the hills, folks. The Kochalka bears are coming. Brian Heater sets traps.

  • Monkey


    Cruel Tutelage (Asian Man). Review by Brian Heater.

  • Matt Pond PA

    Matt Pond PA

    Brian Heater discusses campfires and other people’s music with the enigmatic Matt Pond.

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