• The Early November

    The Early November

    With the March announcement that this tour would be their last, The Early November packed the Trocadero full of fans for one of their final shows. Brittany Sturges was there to say goodbye.

  • The Take Action Tour

    The Take Action Tour

    The Take Action Tour went on with the show, even with a change of the headlining band. Brittany Sturges didn’t ask for a refund.

  • Anti-Flag


    Having heard amazing things about Anti-Flag’s live show, Brittany Sturges got the chance to see if they lived up to the hype.

  • Billy Talent

    Billy Talent

    After seeing Billy Talent perform, Brittany Sturges finally realizes what all the fuss is about — and it’s good!

  • Badly Drawn Boy

    Despite the charming accent, Brittany Sturges wasn’t won over by Badly Drawn Boy’sperformance.

  • Hans the Double

    Hans the Double

    Despite their attempts at dodging questions, Hans the Double was no match for Brittany Sturges–and it only took her six hours!

  • Hans the Double

    Hans the Double

    Despite a few acts that had her cringing, Brittany Sturges‘ night was salvaged by hometown headliners, Hans the Double

  • IKE


    The Philly band IKE offered up a night of brotherly love and some great music. Brittany Sturges was there for every minute of it.

  • The Shapes

    The Shapes

    2006 was a year dedicated to “tightening the sound, playing better and more shows, and working on getting some press and radio airplay,” said Mark, vocalist and guitarist for Brooklyn-based band, the Shapes. Well, they did just that. Brittany Sturges got the scoop on how they went about doing so.

  • One Lone Car

    One Lone Car

    The St. Louis-based rock band One Lone Car, is hitting it big, after having MTV license their recent release, Variety Hour. Despite an issue with the speakerphone, Brittany Sturges spoke with two members of the band about MTV, the St. Louis rock scene and a variety of other things.

  • Men, Women & Children

    Men, Women & Children

    With their electronic pop-rock sound and odd stage antics, Men, Women & Children are somewhat of an acquired taste. Yet, this time around, their stage show won Brittany Sturges over.

  • Leroy Justice

    Leroy Justice

    With a downright Southern Americana vibe, Leroy Justice is a band that needs to be experienced to be understood. Brittany Sturges talks to two members of the band to try and get a better understanding of their style.

  • Fat City Reprise

    Fat City Reprise

    On a cold New York night, Brittany Sturges and a gang of fellow Philly travellers take in an out-of-town gig by their hometown heroes, Fat City Reprise.

  • Straylight Run

    Straylight Run

    Despite a promising line-up of up-and-coming indie rockers- Straylight Run supported by Matt Pond PA, Street to Nowhere and Kevin Devine- Brittany Sturges ended the night disappointed.

  • Jarret Keene

    Jarret Keene

    Brittany Sturges talks with Las Vegas writer Jarret Keene about his new book, The Killers: Destiny Is Calling Me and his history with the band.

  • Silverstein


    The Never Shave Again Tour may have had Silverstein with top billing, but as Brittany Sturges found out, it was Aiden who stole the show.

  • New Found Glory

    Despite cold weather and the rain, fans huddled under umbrellas, in anxious anticipation for New Found Glory. Brittany Sturges found their faith not entirely misplaced.

  • Fat City Reprise

    Fat City Reprise

    With catchy lyrics and humble attitude, the guys of Fat City Reprise are on their way to something big. Brittany Sturges hangs with the guys in the studio.

  • A Paper Tiger

    A Paper Tiger

    For a band that is less than two years old, the guys of A Paper Tiger know what they’re doing when it comes to music– and they’re doing it extremely well. Brittany Sturges catches up with the band over a cup of coffee and some food.

  • Beneath the Sky

    Beneath the Sky

    After two years of recording and playing various live shows, Beneath the Sky recently announced that they had signed with Victory Records. Brittany Sturges chatted with them about the signing and about the pressures of becoming a “signed” band.

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