• In the Fur

    In the Fur

    Who says you have you pay a lot of money for a good concert? Brittany Sturges, after an evening of up-and-coming Philadelphia talent, wholeheartedly disagrees.

  • Marilyn Avenue

    Marilyn Avenue

    Straight out of Kettering, OH, Marilyn Avenue has been making their impact on the music scene, one show at a time. After winning spots on two big summer tours, the guys are in preparation for the release of their newest CD,The Dawning. Brittany Sturges learns about the Ohio rock scene, the new album and what exactly they did last Saturday night.

  • Polymer


    Forget the scientific defintion; all you need to know about Polymer is their music. Brittany Sturges foregoes her Organic Chemistry homework to figure it out with the band.

  • Bon Jovi

    Bon Jovi

    Despite rain and hot weather, Bon Jovi heads back to Philly to give them yet another taste of some bad medicine. Brittany Sturges approves.

  • Yellowcard


    Yellowcard saves the day on an otherwise uneventful night. Brittany Sturges was won over.

  • IKE


    They may not be on a soap opera, but their music was! Brittany Sturges and IKE’s lead singer, John Faye, dish the dirt on what ‘s next for the band.

  • Panic! At The Disco

    Panic! At The Disco

    Just in time for Brittany Sturges’ 4th of July activities, Panic! at the Disco stopped in to Philly for a bit of action and to shake things up.

  • Josh Berger of Omnisoul

    Josh Berger of Omnisoul

    From the dormroom to the stage, Delaware’s own Omnisoul are preparing to release their first CD. Brittany Sturges reckons you should prepare to make them your favorite band.

  • Pawnshop Roses

    Pawnshop Roses

    Sometimes, you have to weed through the junk to find the treasure. Well, here it is. Brittany Sturges meets Pawnshop Roses.

  • Brian Kenneth of Fooling April

    Brian Kenneth of Fooling April

    Straight out of the Philly music scene, Fooling April is probably one of the best kept secrets–and not for long. Brian Kenneth talks about the band’s summer plans, American Idol Underground and the worst karoke songs ever.

  • The Medium

    The Medium

    With the release of their new album, Teetering on the Edge, New Jersey’s the Medium chatted with Brittany Sturges about their first show, the Battle of the Bands, Prince and — oh yea, their favorite fruit.

  • Jealousy Curve

    Jealousy Curve

    Steve LaFashia, guitarist for Jealousy Curve, chats with Brittany Sturges about winning the 2005 Zippo Hot Tour contest, the band’s next album, their dream tour and forensics.

  • Motion City Soundtrack

    Motion City Soundtrack

    Everything is alright when Motion City Soundtrack takes the stage. Except Brittany Sturges can’t get that tune out of her head.

  • Billy Joel

    The Piano Man returned to Philly for the third of five sold-out shows. Brittany Sturges explains why the man still fills the place.

  • Downhill


    Just when it seemed a dead end for seven Temple University film students, who made their very first feature film, things turned around. Brittany Sturges reports.

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