• Needfire


    Kyrby Raine shares a wee teeny chat with Needfire’s main man, John Cleghorn, about the Texas-based band’s blending of Celtic rock with the jukebox hooks of the British Invasion.

  • The Seeded Planet

    The Seeded Planet

    Many rock bands have penned protests of America’s war in Iraq. But Sans, leader of The Seeded Planet , was actually there, and even received a Purple Heart for his bravery. Find out from Kyrby Raine which side he stands on.

  • The Mesmers

    The Mesmers

    Kyrby Raine chats with Michael Fitzgerald, the openly homosexual lead singer of the Washington, D.C. indie band Mesmers , who have critics praising their Doors-meets-Ramones sound and gay men guessing wrong who is actually gay in the group.

  • Brenda David

    Brenda David

    Is she jazz? Is she country? Is she alternative? Kyrby Raine attempts to solve the mystery that is singer/songwriter Brenda David and how Europe fell in love with her.

  • Infinite Frequency

    Infinite Frequency

    What’s it like to be a human iPod? Kyrby Raine tracked down a troupe of rising stars in Boston that believes in the infinite possibilities of rock and roll.

  • Raquel Aurilia

    Raquel Aurilia

    A baseball player’s wife hits a home run on her debut album, and Kyrby Raine finds the zone with Raquel Aurilia.

  • Katya


    Endorsed by Carruthers Guitars and assisted by Jane’s Addiction’s drummer, L.A. rocker Katya brings back the Rock Goddess. Kyrby Raine finds out it’s not necessarily a boy’s club in the music biz these days.

  • The Fast Breakin’ Classics

    The Fast Breakin’ Classics

    The Fast Breakin’ Classics Bring ’70s funk grit to old-school hip-hop. Kyrby Raine investigates what makes this secret sauce.

  • Josephine Sincere

    Josephine Sincere

    Teen stars come and go; there has been so many of them throughout the decades that the novelty has long since rubbed off. But R&B singer Josephine Sincere is different. Kyrby Raine finds out how.

  • Smaktones


    Kyrby Raine speaks to veteran session musician and entrepreneur Billy Trudel. the man who may soon be known as the Phil Spector of ringtones.

  • Lorraine Devon Wilke

    Lorraine Devon Wilke

    From ’80s technicolor hair explosion to bluesy vocal grit – Kirby Raine talks to singer/songwriter Lorraine Devon Wilke.

  • Charlotte Summer

    Charlotte Summer

    Who has the courage to not only cover the Cure’s immortal New Wave prom classic “Just Like Heaven,” but also name her CD after New Order’s equally beloved “Bizarre Love Triangle”? Kyrby Raine talks to San Francisco’s Charlotte Summer.

  • Prettier Than Pink

    Prettier Than Pink

    Part Filipino, part Irish, all female Prettier Than Pink tells all about music, Molly Ringwald and comics to Kyrby Raine.

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