• Captain Action

    Captain Action

    This new tome from Michael Eury brings back Matthew Moyer‘s childlike sense of wonder even better than a real, live Captain Action plastic figurine would. No mean feat.

  • Comics Gone Ape! The Missing Link to Primates in Comics

    Comics Gone Ape! The Missing Link to Primates in Comics

    If Scott Adams has learned one thing from Michael Eury’s secret history of simians in comics, it’s that you WILL beware the Gorilla Witch! And Gorilla Grodd. And Titano. And the Mod Gorilla Boss. And…

  • Krypton Companion

    Krypton Companion

    Only Braniac could keep tally on all the twists, turns, allies and villains that Superman has encountered in this half-century of comic history. Make that Braniac and the people behind this tome, as Matthew Moyer discovers.

  • Back Issue

    Back Issue

    The Big Green Issue is out, and from Matthew Moyer‘s description, if you don’t have this you should be a bit verdant with envy for those who do.

  • Dick Giordano: Changing Comics, One Day At A Time

    Artist and editor Dick Giordano headed DC Comics’ editorial department through the ’80s. By a strange coincidence, that happens to have been the decade of Ben Varkentine’s "golden age" as a fan, so he’s here to get filled in on all the details.

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