• Smogtown

    Tales of Gross Pollution (Disaster). Review by James Greene, Jr..

  • The Drive

    The journey to japanned begins for Gregory Schaefer, in a U-Haul to L.A., chased by the devil, and in Japan, between showers at McDonald’s.

  • Don’t Be So Fucking Populated

    Chuck Bantam has got a little piece of advice for old Mother Earth. Just a small, simple request.

  • The Aqua Velvets

    Radio Waves (Milan Entertainment). Review by Carl F. Gauze.


    For a masochist like myself, living in such a sunny climate might be the end of me…..I would start preaching on street-corners, and recruiting young girls to become my henchmen, my right-hand….well, not men, I guess……right-hand girls, yeah, girls…..my right-hand girls in the most ingenious plans ever laid out!

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