House of Secrets (Capitol Records). Review by Carl F Gauze.

  • George Washington’s Rules of Civility

    George Washington’s Rules of Civility

    A reprint of a young George Washington’s school exercise on deprtment and class behavior, with introduction by Adam Haslett. Carl F. Gauze curtsies demurely and folds his hands.

  • The Saw Doctors

    The Saw Doctors

    Carl F Gauze – and most likely the rest of the home audience – is not one for the singalong. Sometimes, you just gotta let the band do its thing.

  • Ugodz-illa

    hip hop,rap,gangsta,Ugodz-illa,The Hillside Scramblers,INDIEgo Records,Carl F Gauze

  • Migra Mouse

    Migra Mouse

    Can editorial cartoons from a culturally clashed southwestern Latino register with Carl F Gauze , caucasian Floridian? Apparently, yes.

  • Control Alt Delete

    goth, devo, robert smith,Alt Control Delete,Alt Control Delete,Add Two Zeros Music,Carl F Gauze

  • Bad Acid Trip

    speed metal,punk,fast,loud,Bad Acid Trip,Lynch The Weirdo,Serjical Strike Records,Carl F Gauze

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