• Peter Steele

    Gail Worley makes her Type O Negative trifecta by speaking with Peter Steele. The new record is discussed, as well as Peter’s trailblazing work in the pages of Playgirl, and his no-longer secret fetish for ’80s new wave and show tunes.

  • Nineteen Reasons (Part 2)

    Part II of David Lee Beowulf’s Rant To End All Rants… literally.

  • Nineteen Reasons Why… Enough is Enough!

    David Lee Beowulf has had enough, and he’s not gonna take it anymore. So what else is new?

  • Carnivore

    Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Dark Star). Review by Matthew Moyer.

  • Faust

    Music From the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Roadrunner). Review by Vanessa Bormann.

  • Slayer

    Nothing says "the holiday season" like a nice, long chat with Kerry King, of America’s favorite South Of Heaven metal band, Slayer. David Lee Beowulf shares the joy of the season and discusses the band’s latest gift to their fans, God Hates Us All.

  • A Time For Anger

    David Lee Beowulf weighs in with his views on the events of September 11th – complete with a reading list, natch. If you don’t throw yourself all out of whack with knee-jerk reactions, you might actually learn something.

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