• Portable

    Only If You Look Up (TVT). Review by Matt Cibula.

  • Andrew W.K. and the Death of Irony

    Ink 19 is proud to host a roundtable discussion on the significance of Andrew W.K. Is he pop’s first "demi-ironist," or does he just plain "suck"? Christopher R. Weingarten, M. David Hornbuckle, and Ned Davis explore the possibilities in a spirited debate.

  • The Andersons

    Family Secrets (Smile). Review by Henry "Hank" McCoy.

  • Nutrajet

    Protection EP (Twenty Stone Blatt). Review by Brian Kruger.

  • Box Of Stuff

    It’s Not Hollywood (self-released). Review by Stein Haukland.

  • Tod Howarth

    He’s done time with Frehley’s Comet, Cheap Trick, and Ted Nugent, yet Tod Howarth can’t get arrested. Stein Haukland talks with the pragmatic rocker about the business of music.

  • Top 19 Rock Star Quotes of 2001

    As Gail Worley herself might say, "It’s all about hangin’ out with rock stars." Gail hung out with plenty of rock stars this year, and here presents the 19 most memorable things they said to her.

  • Tim Finn

    Feeding The Gods (What Are). Review by Sean Slone.

  • Jack & the Beanstalk

    Cowboys In Sweden (Parasol). Review by Terry Eagan.

  • Cheap Trick

    For more than 25 years, Cheap Trick has been making irresistible power pop that has become permanently ingrained in the pop culture consciousness. Julio Diaz caught up with drummer Bun E. Carlos to discuss the band’s place in history, the secret to their longevity, and why they never attended Rock N’ Roll High School.

  • Saturday Evening

    The evening of May 5, 2001, featuring Cheap Trick, Booker T. Jones, Lucinda Williams, The Wallflowers, and The Cult. Review by James Mann. Photos by June Rich.

  • Cheap Trick

    Silver (Cheap Trick Unlimited). Review by Julio Diaz.

  • Swag

    Catch-All (Yep Roc). Review by Sean Slone.

  • The Chevelles

    Sun Bleached (Zip). Review by Brian Kruger.

  • Guided By Voices

    Lesson Number One on how to have a great interview: Know your subject. Following that rule, Gail Worley plies the tongue of Guided By Voices frontman Robert Pollard with a six of Miller Lite, and lets the tape roll. We guarantee that the result is a GBV interview the likes of which you won’t find anywhere else!

  • Kitty in the Tree

    Kitty in the Tree manage to sound instantly familiar and completely fresh all at the same time. How do they do it? Well, according to frontman Orion Simprini, they’re aliens! Ian Koss discusses time travel and the fine art of waiting tables with this incredible extra-terrestrial.

  • Cheap Trick

    Music For Hangovers (Cheap Trick Unlimited, LLC). Review by James Mann

  • Cheap Trick

    Interview by Brian Kruger

  • Cheap Trick

    Event Review by Bing Futch

  • Cheap Trick|Cheap Trick|Cheap Trick

    Cheap Trick (Epic/Legacy). Review by Kurt Channing

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