• Chemical Brothers

    Chemical Brothers

    “You are all my children now.” Techno rave meets Jim Jones as Chris Catania is inducted into the cult of Big Beat oblivion.

  • Jamie T

    Jamie T

    Chris Catania finds himself amongst a crowd who wants to hear South London’s own Jamie T play all night along. And after getting an earful of a tuneful melange of punk, r&b and everything in between, he’s inclined to agree.

  • Rock The Bells

    Rock The Bells

    When Rock The Bells took its hip hop circus on the road it may have left the core acts back in the big cities (Rage Against The Machine and Public Enemy to name just two), but Chris Catania still managed to discover some sublime moments at the tour’s stop in Chicago.

  • Theo and The Skyscrapers

    Theo and The Skyscrapers

    Feeling dwarfed by ex-Lunachick Theo Kogan and her two towering bandmates, Chris Catania reports that Gothic dance rock is alive and well, and smashing your face in.

  • Lollapalooza


    Chris Catania, in between three days of running back and forth the length of Chicago’s Grant Park to check out the likes of Pearl Jam, Regina Spektor and Rhymefest, wonders if maybe Lollapalooza is getting a little too big.

  • Pitchfork Music Festival

    Pitchfork Music Festival

    For the third straight year indie-rock tastemaker Pitchfork Media summoned the masses, including Chris Catania, and delivered a balanced mix of promising upstarts and legends for the Pitchfork Music Festival.

  • Sage Francis

    Sage Francis

    Chris Catania gets swept up by the creative electricity that had a Chicago crowd firmly in the grip of indie hip-hop mastermind Sage Francis.

  • Cheer-Accident


    What Sequel? (Pravda). Review by Aaron Shaul.

  • The Clientele

    The Clientele

    Chris Catania finds himself floating on clouds of psychedelic fuzz and memories during this triple-bill of Clientele, Beach House and Single Man Affair. Not just another night out.

  • All Smiles

    All Smiles

    Chris Catania comes clean about a patchy night at the rock club – with All Smiles failing to live up to the hype, errr hope, and young turks Seawolf and Bronze stealing the show.

  • Magas


    May I Meet My Accuser (Imaginary Conflict). Review by Matthew Moyer.

  • Gym Class Heroes

    Stale beats? Flat lyrical punchlines? It’s a safe bet Chris Catania wasn’t amongst the fans excitedly singing… wait, no, texting Gym Class Heroes’ praises to all their friends stuck at home.

  • Sleeping at Last

    Sleeping at Last

    Chris Catania was just one member of a Chicago crowd awed into silence by the beautiful songs of Sleeping at Last and the Smoking Popes’ Josh Caterer.

  • Sparklehorse


    Chris Catania saw Sparklehorse transcend nasty weather and nastier flu to deliver a transcendent set of American Gothic. What’s your excuse?

  • M. Ward

    M. Ward

    M. Ward’s recent Chicago gig saw the crowd becoming much more active participants in the performance. Chris Catania reports from the frontlines.

  • Office


    Stage blood, punk rock, a group jam on a John Lennon X-mas song, angular sonics, three top-notch Chicago bands – what more could Chris Catania have asked for this holiday season?

  • Bon Savants

    Bon Savants

    Chris Catania takes in a triple bill of bubbling-under indie talent, headlined by the flamboyant pop of Bon Savants, and leaves the Chicago venue mightily impressed.

  • Patrice Pike

    Patrice Pike

    Chris Catania takes in a Chicago concert by Patrice Pike, contestant on the recent “Rock Star Supernova” show, and he ends up seeing a serious performer, and not a one-trick pony, whose career may have been harmed, rather than helped, by reality television exposure.

  • The Jungle

    The Jungle

    The recent Penguin Classics edition of Upton Sinclair’s tale of worker exploitation in the beef industry is both a labor classic and the perfect holiday gift for your slacker cousin, says Carl F Gauze.

  • Logan Square

    Logan Square

    Pessimism & Satire (Fearless). Review by Addam Donnelly.

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