• Owly: Just a Little Blue

    Owly: Just a Little Blue

    Diabetics beware: Owly‘s sweet nature and silent do-gooding is not to be taken lightly. Not even black-hearted Matthew Moyer could insulate his frozen countenance against Andy Runton’s warm, thick lines.

  • Bill Hicks: Better Live than Dead

    Shelton Hull takes a long look at the fiery performances of Bill Hicks and sees both comedy’s last outlaw and a prophetic Texan who understood the danger of myth and symbols.

  • BOP! More Box Office Poison

    Indie, small press, SPX, comic, realistic story, great art, slacker,BOP! — More Box Office Poison,by Alex Robinson,Top Shelf Productions,Joe Frietze

  • BOP! — More Box Office Poison

    BOP! — More Box Office Poison

    No, it isn’t the Ben Affleck story. It’s a reprint of several stand alone pieces that comic creator James Robinson did not feel fit in with the overall story when the BOP omnibus volume was printed. Joe Frietze says it whetted his appetite for more, which in itself is more than anyone’s said about Ben Affleck in years, the poor dope.

  • Jonny Impetigo

    Karen Carpenter-Damascus and Frances Farmer’s surreal comic strip makes its triumphant return! This time, Jonny teaches you about the fine art of "blading." Kids, don’t try this at home!

  • Keys in the Song of Life

    comic by Dave Mitchell

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