• Teen Movie Hell

    Teen Movie Hell

    Teen Movie Hell visits the evolution of high school classics.

  • Kat Edmonson

    Kat Edmonson

    A contemporary American songbook comes alive with the sophisticatedly sweet voice of jazz-country singer, Kat Edmonson, at New York’s City Winery.

  • Bobby Darin: Seeing Is Believing

    Bobby Darin: Seeing Is Believing

    With this new DVD release, Hyena continues their ambitious attempt to put together a case for Darin as both underrated and influential. Does it work? Ben Varkentine says that although Darin sometimes seems to be on autopilot, when he’s got his mojo working and is soldly in the driver’s seat, his skills as a perfomer are too great to be denied.

  • The L Word

    The L Word

    Music From The Original TV Series (Tommy Boy / Showtime). Review by Stein Haukland.

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