• Elefant


    Black Magic Show (Kemado/Hollywood). Review by Jen Cray.

  • The Colour

    The Colour

    Between Earth & Sky (EMI/Rethink). Review by Jen Cray.

  • Bloc Party

    Bloc Party

    Bloc Party cancelled the rest of their US tour opening for Panic! At The Disco after drummer Matt Tong was hospitalized for treatment of a collapsed lung. Jen Cray managed to catch the band’s Orlando show, the night before the medical trauma.

  • The Quakes

    The Quakes

    20 Years of Psychobilly starring The Quakes , 7 Shot Screamers and Twisted In Graves has drawn out an impressive number for a Thursday night, including Jen Cray.

  • I Am The World Trade Center

    I Am The World Trade Center

    Dylan Garret chats with Dan Geller of I Am The World Trade Center about dance music, DJing, downloads, and how New York City needs to stop being so damned expensive already. All this and more, with less questions about the band’s name than you’ve come to expect. Well, okay, just one. But it’s a good one.

  • Control Alt Delete

    goth, devo, robert smith,Alt Control Delete,Alt Control Delete,Add Two Zeros Music,Carl F Gauze

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