• 50 First Dates

    Love, Hawaiian Style – Drew Barrymore is a bit more than absent-minded in Adam Sandler’s new nice-guy vehicle. Our man in the South Pacific, Steve Stav, explains why 50 First Dates is a perfect Valentine’s Day movie.

  • Duplex

    Former cab dispatcher Danny Devito tries his hand at Hitchcock with Duplex. In his blood-spattered review, Steve Stav discovers that dark comedy and little old ladies go hand-in-hand.

  • Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle

    Steve Stav goes girl-crazy in his review of a movie that’s sure to turn up the temperature on summer. Farrah who?

  • Donnie Darko

    Combining sci-fi, horror, and dark comedy, Donnie Darko is a twisted look into the vail of supernatural melodrama, with a demonic bunny predicting the end of the world on Halloween, and the only one who can see him is a boy already on the verge of madness. Kiran Aditham checks out the DVD.

  • Freddy Got Fingered

    Despite the media blitz for Tom Green’s new movie, Freddy Got Fingered, one thing hasn’t been clear — what’s it about? John P. Wasser spills the beans, and lets you know if the gross-out flick is worth seeing.

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