• Tales of the Immaculate Bump

    Shelton Hull has the final word on recently deceased hardcore wrestler Mike Awesome. And truly, he was.

  • Bang Your Head!

    Bang Your Head!

    Listen up, you pencil-neck geeks! Tom “Tearaway” Schulte got the word straight from the heel’s mouth in this autobiography of one of wrestling’s great wildmen, the Missing Link.

  • Twenty Lightbulbs (Of Hope) For 2001

    List-Mania is running wild all over Bladejob. Shudder in terror as
    Matthew Damascus struggles to pick out the bright spots for wrestling
    in 2001.

  • Bastard Obligatory Year-End List Mania Now

    It’s time for Bladejob to dole out dubious year-end honors for the
    “best” that Wrestling had to offer in 2000. Objectivity and common sense
    went right out the window…

  • Vampire Weekend Warriors

    Bladejob bites the hand that feeds it and watches the blood flow
    with a look at vampires and wrestling. Not what you’d expect. And more
    effusive praise for Steve Corino. Some would call it bad timing…

  • Rum, Sodomy And the Lash

    The Sandman is a liability for ECW and he should be cut loose, says
    Bladejob. Avert your eyes from the naked drunk wrestlers in the
    ring, please. Trauma of the highest degree when ECW comes to Pensacola.

  • Your Wrestling Toy of the Week is- Justin Credible?

    When I see Justin Credible, I don’t think “eyebrows better suited for that creepy gossip writer on E! Gossip Show.” What were they thinking? I realize that they are trying to avoid the Ziggy Stardust glam stigma of no eyebrows at all, but these eye-mustaches are ridiculous.

  • Fucking Awesome?

    But Awesome put on a great match without relying on splintering wood for their shock-value cheers. That is a mark of a true champion in ECW, when they can impress the increasingly blood-thirsty Mongol hordes with a match NOT involving blood, tables, or violence against women.

  • Mommy, Why’d You Let The Drunk Beat Me Up?

    Ditch this gimmick like the plague. It’s fucking bad, trailer park, crazy uncle, kind of shit. The snot rag doesn’t make sense. The gesture in itself is not particularly vile or sinister, it’s more bizarre like that kid who ate paste and boogers in second grade. AND RAVEN IS NO PASTE EATER!

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