• Damien Jurado

    Damien Jurado

    Caught in the Trees (Secretly Canadian). Review by Eric J. Iannelli.

  • Regards from Serbia

    Regards from Serbia

    Graphic journalist Alexsandar Zograf has recently had his strips amalgamated and published as Regards from Serbia. Eric J. Iannelli wonders how it stacks up against existing graphic accounts of the Balkan civil wars of the ’90s.

  • First Annual Camp Out Live

    First Annual Camp Out Live

    On September 9 and 10, 2005, Cracker and a reformed Camper Van Beethoven hosted an intimate Woodstock-like concert in Pioneertown, CA, along with their entire musical family tree. Eric J. Iannelli takes a look at the DVD documenting that inaugural event.

  • Mexican Calendar Girls

    Mexican Calendar Girls

    Your wall calendar might say something about you, but can it speak for an entire nation? Eric J. Iannelli ogles Angela Villalba’s colorful Mexican Calendar Girls and discovers a unique popular art form from south of the border.

  • Reading Writing

    Reading Writing

    What does a literary critic want from a literary critic? Eric J. Iannelli finds the answer in Reading Writing, the first English translation of nonagenarian Julien Gracq‘s unique musings on the republic of letters.

  • Playing President

    Playing President

    Veteran left-wing political journalist Bob Scheer has interviewed every elected U.S. President from Nixon to Clinton, and as his latest book shows, he’s done so with fairness and insight. So why hasn’t he managed to chat with George W.? Eric J. Iannelli takes a look at Scheer’s Playing President.

  • Letters of Marcel Proust

    Letters of Marcel Proust

    Isn’t everything we need to know about Proust in his cycle In Search of Lost Time? Not by a long shot. Eric J. Iannelli finds that the correspondence in the newly reissued Letters of Marcel Proust offers a great way to separate the man from his work.

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