• Back Issue #69

    Back Issue #69

    The tenth anniversary edition of this fan magazine takes a retrospective look at the history of anniversary issues of other classic comic magazines.

  • Lee And Kirby: The Wonder Years

    Lee And Kirby: The Wonder Years

    You’ve heard the tales of tempestuous duo Stan Lee and Jack Kirby… and you need the hear them again in The Wonder Years.

  • Marvel Comics in the 1960s

    Marvel Comics in the 1960s

    Pierre Comtois breaks down the first ten years of Marvel into three phases and the comics that epitomize them in his Field Guide.

  • Modern Masters: John Byrne

    Modern Masters: John Byrne

    Everyone has lots to say about John Byrne. Matthew Moyer examines this collection of interviews and art that let the man and his work speak for himself.

  • Fantastic Four

    Fantastic Four

    “Flame on!” With that iconic phrase, Marvel Comics’ first super-group — the Fantastic Four — finally make their appearance on the big screen this summer. Can Tim Story’s presentation of the classic comic book possibly live up to the hype? More importantly, does the movie reach Spider-Man levels of filmmaking genius…or will it join Hulk and Elektra in the dustbin of superhero duds? Our resident Jack Kirby worshipper, Steve Stav, just might have the answer.

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