• Vice Dolls

    Vice Dolls

    Die Trying (Crosscheck). Review by Carl F Gauze.

  • Vice Dolls

    punk,hardcore,thrash,Vice Dolls,Die Trying,Crosscheck Records,Carl F Gauze

  • Medic

    metalcore,hardcore,death,Medic,Greetings and Amputations,McCarthyism,Daniel Mitchell

  • Punk-O-Rama

    punk,hardcore,emo,hip hop,Various,Punk-O-Rama 8,Epitaph Records,Troy Jewell

  • Give Up The Ghost

    Give Up The Ghost

    We’re Down Til’ We’re Underground (Equal Vision). Review by Nick Plante.

  • Boston


    A Punk and Hardcore Compilation! (Rodent Popsicle). Review by Stein Haukland.

  • Boston

    Punk,Hardcore,Old-school,…And Out Come the Wolves,Boston,A Punk and Hardcore Compilation!,Rodent Popsicle,Stein Haukland

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