• Datblygu


    Wyau / Pyst (Hate). Review by Julius C. Lacking.

  • Peter Bagge

    Peter Bagge

    Peter Bagge, creator of Hate and Apocalypse Nerd, holds forth on comics, politics and more. Brian Heater draws it out of him.

  • The Delgados

    Hate (Mantra Recordings). Review by Rob Walsh.

  • Defiled/Hate

    Ugliness Revealed (Baphomet/Necropolis) and Holy Dead Trinity (WWIII). Review by Nathan T. Birk.

  • I Hate The Music Industry

    Talk about contrived bullshit! Am I supposed to just sit back and believe that Carlos Santana, without the help of his publicists and record label, has become the hottest thing since All-Nighter Diarrhea in merely a few weeks?

  • Hate

    Print Review by Charles D.J. Deppner

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