• Sleeping at Last

    Sleeping at Last

    Chris Catania was just one member of a Chicago crowd awed into silence by the beautiful songs of Sleeping at Last and the Smoking Popes’ Josh Caterer.

  • Sparklehorse


    Chris Catania saw Sparklehorse transcend nasty weather and nastier flu to deliver a transcendent set of American Gothic. What’s your excuse?

  • M. Ward

    M. Ward

    M. Ward’s recent Chicago gig saw the crowd becoming much more active participants in the performance. Chris Catania reports from the frontlines.

  • Office


    Stage blood, punk rock, a group jam on a John Lennon X-mas song, angular sonics, three top-notch Chicago bands – what more could Chris Catania have asked for this holiday season?

  • Bon Savants

    Bon Savants

    Chris Catania takes in a triple bill of bubbling-under indie talent, headlined by the flamboyant pop of Bon Savants, and leaves the Chicago venue mightily impressed.

  • Patrice Pike

    Patrice Pike

    Chris Catania takes in a Chicago concert by Patrice Pike, contestant on the recent “Rock Star Supernova” show, and he ends up seeing a serious performer, and not a one-trick pony, whose career may have been harmed, rather than helped, by reality television exposure.

  • Hot Chip

    Hot Chip

    The whirlwind electro-pop of Hot Chip, complete with giant glasses and walls of keyboards, makes a convert of our very own Chris Catania. The opening bands weren’t half bad either.

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