• Mary Gauthier

    Mary Gauthier

    Rifles & Rosary Beads (In The Black Records). Review by James Mann.

  • Kabluey


    Despite some genuinely funny moments, if Carl F Gauze saw this movie’s title mascot, Bluey, standing on the side of the highway, he just might run him over. To say nothing of those kids…

  • Heavy Metal in Baghdad

    Heavy Metal in Baghdad

    A group of Iraqi youths learn English from Metallica and Slayer and form a head-banging band in the middle of a war. Carl F Gauze doesn’t need a translator for the universal language of metal.

  • Mystechs


    Hot Tub of Blood (Death by Karaoke). Review by Carl F Gauze.

  • Say Goodbye to the Bad Guy

    As Saddam Hussein swung from the gallows today, Shelton Hull found that it placed a question mark, and not a period, at the end of the dictator’s grim legacy.

  • The Ultimate Nullifier

    Shelton Hull recaps the tragic and uncertain story of kidnapped foreign correspondent Jill Carroll, and hopes he’s not writing her obituary.

  • The Guns Of August

    Is Dick Cheney out of his freaking mind? Are we out of our freaking minds to stand by and watch Iraq Part II unfold? Bing Futch knows the answers.

  • Four More Fears

    Bing Futch gives you four very distinct issues to worry about during this upcoming presidency in this update of Dark’s Corner.

  • A Step Too Far

    Shelton Hull mulls over the darker implications of the recent murder of Iraq-based aid worker Margaret Hassan. Is this the tipping point?

  • Election 2004: Blood on the Dancefloor

    Shelton Hull puts on the surgical gloves and gives an incisive postmortem of the 2004 Election.

  • America Needs More Religion

    More than two decades into their career, Bad Religion have delivered their most focused critique of an American presidency. The Empire Strikes First pulls aside the curtain of Christianity and “homeland security” to reveal the men at the controls. Eric J. Iannelli hopes it hasn’t come too late.

  • Fahrenheit 9/11 Revisited

    On hold because of our recent server troubles, Bob Pomeroy’s in-depth take on Michael Moore’s latest is still about as good as you are going to read anywhere.

  • I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In The House

    I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In The House has been raising eyebrows this summer with their gutsy new disc and phenomenal live show. Frontman Mike Damron takes on Charlton Heston, Courtney Taylor, George Bush and much, much more in a no-punches-pulled interview with Steve Stav.

  • Distorted Morality

    Noam Chomsky’s name is bound to raise hackles on the right and tears of joy on the left. His actual views aren’t as easy to pigeonhole, as James Mann attests.

  • The Soundtrack for the Present – Ten Years Late

    Ten years ago, a California punk band put out an album that addressed the important issues we currently face. Who were they? And why haven’t we listened? Eric J. Iannelli breaks it down.

  • Howard Zinn

    Artists in a Time of War (Alternative Tentacles). Review by Eric J. Iannelli.

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