• The Dark Romantics

    The Dark Romantics

    Some Midnight Kissin’ (Lujo). Review by Jen Cray.

  • Sparta


    When At The Drive In split up, half of the band went on to critical success in The Mars Volta. The other half quietly slipped into a band just as worthy of praise, Sparta. Jen Cray stepped in to pay the band some respect.

  • Ben Lee/ Rooney

    Ben Lee/ Rooney

    The Fun Fun Fun Tour it’s called. How could you not want to check that one out? Esspecially when Ben Lee and Rooney are sharing the bill! Jen Cray was in on the fun!

  • Dashboard Confessional

    Dashboard Confessional

    It was a Dashboard Confessional weekend at Orlando’s House of Blues, with three consecutive sold-out shows. Jen Cray gave it a chance.

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