• Underworld Evolution

    Underworld Evolution

    Rob Levy finds that there is even more bloodletting in this sequel to the hugely successful vampire versus werewolf flick.

  • Van Helsing

    How could an old-fashioned monster movie with vampires, werewolves, Frankenstein and Hugh Jackman possibly go wrong? Our garlic-toting man in Eastern Europe, Steve Stav, reveals the movie behind the hype in his review of Van Helsing.

  • Pearl Harbor

    James Mann went to see Michael Bay’s Titanic-size epic, Pearl Harbor, on opening day, but the darn thing’s so long that he only just got out! Or maybe it only seemed that long, between the historical inaccuracies and the sappy love story…

  • The Last Days of Disco

    Screen Review by Paulo O’Callaghan

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