• The Melvins

    The Melvins

    Sugar Daddy Live (Ipecac Recordings). Review by James Mann.

  • Roy Orbison

    Roy Orbison

    The Monument Singles Collection (Legacy Recordings). Review by Carl F Gauze.

  • Imelda May

    Imelda May

    Rockabilly, blues, jazz – delightful Dublin diva Imelda May put everything but the kitchen sink on the Moore Theater’s stage. Seattle hepcat Steve Stav was there to admire it all.

  • Imelda May

    Imelda May

    “How High The Moon,” indeed. Imelda May‘s tribute to Les Paul & Mary Ford – with Jeff Beck along for the ride – not only caused quite a sensation at the Grammys, it opened America’s eyes and ears to an Irish singing sensation on the rise. Steve Stav recently talked to Ms. May about her big night, guitar god Beck, and her upcoming U.S. tour.

  • Top 19 Dead People of 2009

    Top 19 Dead People of 2009

    Another tough year is dead and gone, leaving only the tough and the clever. Carl F Gauze remembers 19 of 2009’s great and not so great dead people.

  • Les Paul

    Les Paul

    James Mann finds it hard to say goodbye to an American Genius, and recounts all the wonderful ways he said hello.

  • Atomic 7

    Atomic 7

    …en Hillbilly Caliente (Mint). Review by Ian Koss.

  • Les Paul

    The Best Of — The Millennium Collection (Decca/MCA). Review by James Mann.

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