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Lucinda Williams

Event Reviews

Lucinda Williams may very well be one of the great American songwriters, but – as Jen Cray discovered – being an amazing artist doesn’t always promise an awe-inspiring live show.

Ana Egge

Music Reviews

Out Past the Lights (Grace & Parkinsong). Review by Aaron Shaul.

The L Word

Music Reviews

Music From The Original TV Series (Tommy Boy / Showtime). Review by Stein Haukland.

Handicapping The Grammys


The music industry pats itself on the back again tonight with the annual Grammy Awards. Julio Diaz offers a preview with his picks for who deserves to win and who will win.

Beyond Nashville

Music Reviews

The Twisted Heart of Country Music (Manteca World). Review by Stein Haukland.

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Drumming with Dead Can Dance

Drumming with Dead Can Dance

Print Reviews

Ink 19’s Roi J. Tamkin reviews Drumming With Dead Can Dance and Parallel Adventures, Peter Ulrich’s memoir of an artistic life fueled by Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard’s remarkable friendship.

The House that Screamed

The House that Screamed

Screen Reviews

Macabre masterpiece The House that Screamed gets a stunning Blu-ray makeover, revealing a release good enough to convert non-believers. Phil Bailey reviews.