• Andrew Lloyd Webber

    Gold (Really Useful). Review by Joe Frietze.

  • Puffy Amiyumi

    The Illustrated History of Puffy Amiyumi (Bar None). Review by Phil Bailey.

  • The Top 19 Singles of the Year

    Christopher R. Weingarten has been going steady with these 19 singles all year, and now wants to bring them home to meet you. Prepare to be surprised at who’s coming to dinner.

  • Pagan Poetry

    Bjork pushes the envelope again with "Pagan Poetry," a video you’re unlikely to see on MTV. Phil Bailey caught a limited engagement theatrical presentation, and files this report.

  • Joe Henry

    Singer/songwriter Joe Henry tells Gail Worley that he considers himself a very lucky man, and after hearing about his work with Ornette Coleman, sipping martinis with Bob Dylan, and having his sister-in-law record one of his songs (maybe you’ve heard of her — she’s called Madonna), it’s hard to argue.

  • Stella Soleil

    Dirty Little Secret (Universal). Review by Vanessa Bormann.

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