• The Trip

    The Trip

    Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon travel Northern England, reviewing fine restaurants and impersonating Michael Caine. It’s a job, I guess.

  • Bewitched


    Da-duh. Da-duh. Da, da, da, da, da-duh. This summer’s first all-star comedy has it all — from the theme song to the obligatory broomstick. But our resident bumbling husband to a brainy, enchanting beauty isn’t quite sold on Nora Ephron’s latest concoction. In his review, Steve Stav attempts to explain his vague dissatisfaction with Bewitched.

  • Batman Begins

    Batman Begins

    The Dark Knight Returns in a whole new epic franchise. Batman has been cleaned up, overhauled and given a dark sense of realism not seen since Tim Burton’s first Batman feature back in the day. Rob Levy is spooked and overjoyed.

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