• Make Your Place

    Make Your Place

    Raleigh Briggs is not interested in the trendy side of DIY. Get down and dirty with her sweet collection of zines designed to inspire conscious living.

  • The Zinester’s Guide to Portland

    The Zinester’s Guide to Portland

    Portland, ho! Matthew Moyer finds the Zinester’s Guide to be a heartfelt, if somewhat flawed, love letter to stick in your jacket pocket the next time you visit “the city that works.”

  • My Life in a Jugular Vein

    My Life in a Jugular Vein

    Scott Adams is charmed by the simple pleasures of the punk rock life, as chronicled in this new collection of Ben Snakepit’s comic-strip diary.

  • A Month on the Road with $100 and a T-Shirt

    A Month on the Road with $100 and a T-Shirt

    A zine about touring about zines? It’s not a logic paradox, it’s the new piece of mimeographed wonder from Microcosm Press’ Joe Biel. Sheila Scoville gets in the van.

  • Stolen Sharpie Revolution

    zine, photocopy, punk, DIY,Stolen Sharpie Revolution,by Alex Wrekk,Microcosm Publishing,Jason Feifer

  • Stolen Sharpie Revolution

    Stolen Sharpie Revolution

    A great, valuable alternative to major media. But enough about Ink 19, let’s talk about the ‘zine community. Jason Feifer says it’s stronger when the ‘zines are better – and this DIY resource is the book to do that.

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