In one of the year’s most surprising comebacks, the original line-up of TSOL is back. Mitchell Foy catches up with orignal lead singer Jack Grisham to discuss grave robbery, the legendary ’80s Orange County punk scene, and how Henry Rollins ruined Black Flag.

  • Ulan Bator

    Ego: Echo (Young God). Review by Mitchell Foy.

  • Zyklon

    World Ov Worms (Candlelight). Review by Mitchell Foy.

  • Sunn0))

    00 Void (Hydra Head). Review by Mitchell Foy.

  • Djam Karet

    Suspension & Displacement (Cuneiform). Review by Mitchell Foy.

  • Neptune

    Studio Recordings/May, MCMXCVII (Arch Enemy). Review by Mitchell Foy.

  • Swans

    Body, my mother disgusts me. A fool, a screw, anything for you. A stupid chil…

  • Bob Drake

    A crazy, convoluted thrill ride. Like an updated take on Faust’s Tapes…

  • Himinbjorg

    Amongst the coolest of the newer generation black metal groups, and I’ll tell…

  • Milemarker

    The Atlanta-based Stickfigure label that put this disc out is run by one busy…

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