• Chris Shiflett and the Dead Peasants

    Chris Shiflett and the Dead Peasants

    Chris Shiflett & the Dead Peasants (RCA Records). Review by Tim Wardyn.

  • Editor’s Choice: The Top 19 of 2002

    Julio Diaz didn’t review as many albums in 2002 as he should have, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t listening. Here are his picks for the year’s best.

  • Nerf Herder

    Scoring Buffy, hangin’ with ‘Nsync, picking up interstellar babes and new wave girls… all in a day’s work for the men of Nerf Herder. Julio Diaz attempts to run an extensive interview with singer Parry Grip in less than 12 parsecs.

  • Bad Astronaut

    Acrophobe (Honest Don’s). Review by Vanessa Bormann.

  • Nerf Herder

    Nerds of the world, unite! Nerf Herder are here to take Nerd Core to new heights! Julio Diaz corresponds with frontman Parry Grip about Star Wars, punk rock, Jonathan Richman, and all thigs nerdly.

  • Nerf Herder

    How to Meet Girls (Honest Don’s). Review by Julio Diaz

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