• Little Feat

    Little Feat

    A promising new band and a fading classic unite at Orlando’s Plaza Theatre and the audience can’t stay in their seats. Carl F Gauze sat down for a bit of Little Feat.

  • Gallagher


    Watermelon-squashing comedian Gallagher returns to splatter the stage of the Plaza and the first eight or nine rows of seats. Carl F Gauze hides beneath a trash bag outside of the splash zone.

  • Preservation Hall Jazz Band

    Preservation Hall Jazz Band

    The Plaza Theatre in Orlando showcases the talents of a newcomer and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, and eventually lures Carl F Gauze out to the streets.

  • Neko Case

    Neko Case

    Ink 19 guest contributor Jeff Schweers gets a high-class thrill from gorgeous red-haired maven Neko Case, who recently gifted Floridians with a long-overdue songfest. Top of the balls to you, Neko!

  • Todd Rundgren

    Todd Rundgren

    Todd Rundgren’s “Arena” tour passes through Orlando. The small show is so cozy, our own Carl F Gauze feels like he’s visiting a long lost friend.

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