• House


    Six cute-as-a-bug Japanese teenage girls visit an eccentric old aunt and are devoured by a Satanic cat. And there’s nudity!

  • Meat Loaf

    Meat Loaf

    For those in need of a concert that’s a little more theatrical than most, there’s Meat Loaf, served up with a side of Pearl. Jen Cray caught the Orlando date of the legendary rocker’s Hang Cool Teddy Bear Tour.

  • Population: 1

    Population: 1

    Apocalyptic sci-fi, Busby Berkeley, and the proto-punk of the Screamers collide head-on in this reissue of Rene Daalder’s lo-fi, hilarious, and terribly sad musical. Is that a twelve-year old Beck making a cameo?

  • Tragic Ceremony

    Tragic Ceremony

    Carl F Gauze wanted atmospheric horror, instead he got a straight-faced version of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. When faced with this, does he moan about the truncated gore, or compliment the pre-disco fashions? Read on…

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