• Wraith Ladies Who Lunch

    Wraith Ladies Who Lunch

    The spirit of an ancient Egyptian woman deals with the rigors of modern Los Angeles as she works to avoid an ancient relationship.

  • Seahorses


    A Craigslist date turns really weird. And then the seahorses kick in…

  • Cheatin’


    In this animated full-length Jake meets Ella in a bumper car accident. Their passionate romance is ruined by a jealous woman, and Ella takes on the form of Jake’s other lovers trying to win him back.

  • Forev


    Marriage should be carefully considered decision between two mature, committed adults. Oh, what the hack, just ask already. Carl F Gauze has no regrets, either.

  • Bad Idea

    Bad Idea

    Anxiety fraught sexual relations are not just the domain of heterosexuals; EVERY one can have bad dates and rejection.

  • Putzel


    A nice Jewish boy on the upper west side fights for his inheritance and his uncle’s girlfriend only to discover there is life beyond lox.

  • Days and Clouds

    Days and Clouds

    Everybody loves a trainwreck, and when it happens in Genoa, it’s irresistible. Carl F Gauze pauses to gawk.

  • Murder Mystery

    Murder Mystery

    Are You Ready for the Heartache Cause Here It Comes (Murder Mystery). Review by Carl F Gauze.

  • Tornado Siren

    Tornado Siren

    They say love grows in the weirdest places, but Tornado Alley? Carl F Gauze finds an enigmatic, leisurely read in Tornado Siren, a love story that examines the heady buildup and tragic fallout of disasters, both natural and personal.

  • The Housekeeper

    The Housekeeper

    A middle-aged man whose wife has left him hires a young woman to clean his house as he puts his life back in order. Joe Frietze smashes through the cliché to tell you how The Housekeeper is different. And maybe not so different.

  • The Housekeeper

    romantic comedy, sexy, romp, paris, French, cliche, romance, inevitable,The Housekeeper,directed by Claude Berri,starring Jean-Pierrer Bacri, Emilie Dequenne ,Joe Frietze,The Housekeeper,directed by Claude Berri,starring Jean-Pierrer Bacri, Emilie Dequenne,Joe Frietze

  • Romance

    Screen Review by Jean Rally

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