• Gallygows

    Give It To Her (Rainbow Quartz). Review by Kurt Channing.

  • Shrek

    Music From the Original Motion Picture (Dreamworks). Review by Jason Feifer.

  • Song Of Mercury

    This nicely packaged, self released, CD, starts out with a soft sample of an …

  • Self

    Lots of artists like to go into the studio to play with all the high-tech toys, but Self went in to record their new album on actual toys! Matt Mahaffey reveals the secrets of Gizmodgery to Bryan Tilford.

  • Self

    It merely takes a frequent Toys-R-Us shopper to fiddle around with a random a…

  • Shameless Promotion

    Returning from the limbo that has mysteriously claimed many of our
    columnists, Special Ed is back and he’s ready to SHILL for one of his
    favorite bands, Self! Can there be a higher calling in life? Wednesday

  • The Hillary Step

    First thought is something like country-emo. Starting out with a mellow, scen…

  • Self

    Event Review by Edward Sofield

  • Self

    Brunch (Spongebath/Dreamworks). Review by brYan Tilford

  • Self

    Interview by brYan Tilford

  • Self

    Breakfast With Girls (Spongebath / Dreamworks). Review by Jason Feifer

  • Self

    Codename: Spivey [Reissue] (OffTime). Review by Andrew Chadwick

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