• Breakshot: A Life in the 21st Century American Mafia

    Breakshot: A Life in the 21st Century American Mafia

    Kenny Gallo, aka “Kenji”, aka “Ken Calo”, aka “Kenji Kodama”, aka “Ramon Gomez”, aka “Ramon Gonzalez” and, of course, aka “Kenny G.” Shelton Hull ponders the memoirs of a gangster and informant.

  • The Glenn Miller Conspiracy

    The Glenn Miller Conspiracy

    Hunton Downs gives readers new insight into the true events surrounding the death of one of America’s celebrity heroes in The Glenn Miller Conspiracy. This is no pulp fiction, folks.

  • Miles On Miles: Interviews and Encounters with Miles Davis

    Miles On Miles: Interviews and Encounters with Miles Davis

    Shelton Hull finds there is much to learn in this collection of conversations with the enigmatic and innovative trumpeter, not nearly as reticient with interviewers as legend has it.

  • Mel Lewis and His Big Band

    Mel Lewis and His Big Band

    Shelton Hull makes a case for Mel Lewis, an underrated and subtle jazz drummer, who is finally starting to get his reissue due – including this excellent concert dvd from 1986.

  • Bulletproof Bitches

    Shelton Hull hails the rise of women in positions of power throughout the world – laying odds that Aung San Suu Kyi and Benazir Bhutto will be the ones to watch in 2008.

  • The Brave One

    The Brave One

    Shelton Hull finds much to praise in Jodie Foster’s latest film. Consider it the anti-Hostel.

  • The Heels

    The Heels

    Bring on the bad guys! Shelton Hull finds a little joy in pro wrestling again after reading this encyclopedic history of heels, the grapplers you love to hate.

  • Om Hip Hop / Zeph + Azeem

    Om Hip Hop / Zeph + Azeem

    Volume One (Om). Review by Shelton Hull.

  • Monaural Masters

    Charles Mingus stood tall as an oak tree and played an upright bass made of the blackest ebony. Maybe not, but Shelton hull provides proof why the man remains a legend to this day.

  • American Spy

    American Spy

    Shelton Hull is surprised by the candor- and relative lack of gaps and redactions- in this posthumous autobiography of shadowy CIA man and Watergate plumber E. Howard Hunt.

  • Django Reinhardt in 1947

    Shelton Hull looks back at the works of Django on electric guitar, along the way wondering why this material hasn’t been collected in a boxed set and what Charlie Parker would have thought of it.

  • Anita ’63: A New O’Day is Risen

    Shelton Hull is smitten with the absolute excellence of a newly-reissued live set of music recorded in Tokyo, circa 1963, from the underrated Jezebel of Jazz.

  • An Open Letter to Virginia

    Shelton Hull attempt to offer some words of comfort to the people of Virginia, in the wake of tragedy.

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