• Zoology


    A Russian woman grows a tail. Amazingly, men find this attractive and she falls in love with a doctor and out of favor in her job.

  • Sanguivorous


    An arty and eerie horror film fuses western and eastern ideas of vampirism and looks totally cool as well.

  • The Taiwan Oyster

    The Taiwan Oyster

    Two Americans and a Chinese girl from the morgue steal a body and go on a scenic road trip around Taiwan, seeking the ideal burial spot for their friend.

  • Roman de Gare

    Roman de Gare

    Halfway through watching this stylish and engrossing French murder mystery, Carl F Gauze begin to suspect it was HE who was the killer after all.

  • Thomas In Love

    French sex farces enter the Digital Age with Paul Renders’ new film, Thomas In Love. Carl F. Gauze logs on for a "free trial."

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