• The Voice of the Moon

    The Voice of the Moon

    A metal patient leaves the asylum and enters a colorful fantasy world in Federico Fellini’s little seen last film.

  • I Am A Knife With Legs

    I Am A Knife With Legs

    On the run from an assassin, international rock superstar Bené hides out in Los Angeles and prepares for a showdown with death. But he cannot fool death; for death knows that Bené microwaves his soup.

  • Post Grad

    Post Grad

    Carl F Gauze got some laughs out of this new post-teen comedy, but found it had as much heart and depth as an Archie comic.

  • The Compact Duchamp: Amp After Amp

    The Compact Duchamp: Amp After Amp

    A slim volume of black and white collage art gets Carl F Gauze all hot and bothered about Dada.

  • Firewater

    A Native American president! Fart jokes! Midget rentacops! Carl F Gauze takes a deep slug from this unhealthy bottle of urban surrealism and wonders if he’ll live to regret it.

  • The Marriage of Beowulf

    It’s not every day that you get to attend a Viking wedding. Ian Koss recounts the events surrounding the marriage of David Lee Beowulf.

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