• Saturday Evening

    The evening of May 5, 2001, featuring Cheap Trick, Booker T. Jones, Lucinda Williams, The Wallflowers, and The Cult. Review by James Mann. Photos by June Rich.

  • Aerosmith

    Just Push Play (Columbia). Review by Brian Kruger.

  • Tony Iommi

    On the occasion of his first solo album, Iommi, Bryan Reesman sits down with the dark lord of metal himself to discuss unusual collaborations, his brief stint in Jethro Tull, and why Black Sabbath were the real inspiration behind Spinal Tap.

  • Slash’s Snakepit

    Guitar-god Slash has officially left his Guns N’ Roses days behind, concentrating full time on his one-time side project, the Snakepit. Gail Worley speaks with Slash and vocalist Rod Jackson about the dissolusion of the Gunners and the future of the Snakepit.

  • The Cult

    After one of the most legendary break-ups in rock n’ roll history (they actually got into a fist fight onstage), the Cult have reunited, with a hit single from Gone in 60 Seconds and a new album on the way. Meanwhile, singer Ian Astbury has quietly released a solo project, and recently took some time to catch up with Gail Worley.

  • The Cult

    Like a butterfly metamorphosing into a caterpillar, the Cult went from writin…

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