• The Quakes

    The Quakes

    20 Years of Psychobilly starring The Quakes , 7 Shot Screamers and Twisted In Graves has drawn out an impressive number for a Thursday night, including Jen Cray.

  • Pennywise


    SoCal and NYC hardcore invade the Sunshine state with Pennywise and H2O turning Orlando’s House of Blues into one large mosh pit. A drenched Jen Cray reports.

  • Danzig


    The former frontman for the seminal hardcore punk outfit, The Misfits, unleashed an evening of pure, dark, bluesy metal on an eager Florida crowd. Jen Cray escapes unscathed.

  • Planes Mistaken For Stars

    Daniel Mitchell discuss “Art Food” with Gared O’Donnell of Planes Mistaken For Stars…

  • Salute This

    Vol. 1 (Slash/Bigg Massive). Review by Stein Haukland.

  • Damnation

    The Unruly Sounds of Damnation (RAFR). Review by Daniel Mitchell.

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