• Hallo Spaceboy: The Rebirth of David Bowie

    Hallo Spaceboy: The Rebirth of David Bowie

    Tom “Tearaway Stardust” Schulte enjoys Dave Thompson’s second volume of an enlightening and detailed look at the life and career of über-artist David Bowie. Even more surprising is that his hands aren’t covered with glitter after putting the book down.

  • Ticket To Ride

    Ticket To Ride

    Musician Graham Slater documents the decadence and desperation of the gig circuit in beat group-era Hamburg, albeit behind a thin veil of fiction. Tom Schulte gets in the van.

  • Bang Your Head!

    Bang Your Head!

    Listen up, you pencil-neck geeks! Tom “Tearaway” Schulte got the word straight from the heel’s mouth in this autobiography of one of wrestling’s great wildmen, the Missing Link.

  • Born on the Fourth of July

    Born on the Fourth of July

    Perhaps the most tragic part about our wars du jour is their mind-numbing reiteration of the same old costly lessons. A new edition of Ron Kovic’s Born on the Fourth of July pulls Tom “Tearaway” Schulte down the Jacob’s ladder of war’s human impact . . . again.

  • Killing Molly

    Killing Molly

    Eric C. Novack’s earthy novel is grist for the mental mills of street intellectuals. His Killing Molly has Tom “Tearaway’ Schulte reminiscing over the lean comforts and late-night coffeehouse scenes of beatnik bachelorhood.

  • Decade Schmecade

    A Top 19 list from Tom Schulte, a music journalist that dropped his pen to grab the fader.

  • Beyond the Petty Issues

    Tom Schulte delivers a healthy megadose of news and reviews in this month’s Outsight.

  • On-Call Plumber

    Tom Schulte hears the bad CDs so you don’t have to. Herein are paragraphs on the good ones.

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