• Blade Trintiy

    Blade Trintiy

    It’s hard to kill a vampire. The third installment in the Blade series keeps the franchise alive with undead action and character actors, according to Rob Levy.

  • Back So Soon?

    Is that Bladejob? Where did you come from? How about that WWE? How about that “HLA”?

  • Motörhead

    Hammered (Sanctuary). Review by Joe Frietze.

  • That Night Of Nights

    The by-no-means definitive guide to centering your whole April 1st around, yes, Wrestlemaniaaaaaaa! A “Bladejob” exclusive.

  • Twenty Lightbulbs (Of Hope) For 2001

    List-Mania is running wild all over Bladejob. Shudder in terror as
    Matthew Damascus struggles to pick out the bright spots for wrestling
    in 2001.

  • Bastard Obligatory Year-End List Mania Now

    It’s time for Bladejob to dole out dubious year-end honors for the
    “best” that Wrestling had to offer in 2000. Objectivity and common sense
    went right out the window…

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