• Blue Beetle Companion

    Blue Beetle Companion

    Who was the Blue Beetle? Matthew Moyer finds that the back story for this overlooked superhero contains more mystery and intrigue than Charles Foster Kane’s. Rosebud? Scarab?

  • Modern Masters Volume 10: Kevin Maguire

    Modern Masters Volume 10: Kevin Maguire

    The talent of comics artist Kevin Maguire is nothing to bwa-ha-ha about. Shaun Corley gives us the rundown on the latest edition of the Modern Masters series, which runs down Maguire’s career.

  • All Star Companion Volume 2

    All Star Companion Volume 2

    Somewhere between comic fandom and pop culture research lives this exhaustive (but not exhausting) look at the first superhero club, the Justice Society of America. Matthew Moyer ponders the membership.

  • Modern Masters Volume Nine: Mike Wieringo

    Modern Masters Volume Nine: Mike Wieringo

    Some may claim that Wieringo’s induction as a “modern master” may be premature. Matthew Moyer disagrees, and he’ll wave this book in your face to prove it.

  • Krypton Companion

    Krypton Companion

    Only Braniac could keep tally on all the twists, turns, allies and villains that Superman has encountered in this half-century of comic history. Make that Braniac and the people behind this tome, as Matthew Moyer discovers.

  • Back Issue

    Back Issue

    The Big Green Issue is out, and from Matthew Moyer‘s description, if you don’t have this you should be a bit verdant with envy for those who do.

  • The Alter Ego Collection, Volume One

    The Alter Ego Collection, Volume One

    It’s just a comic, right? Wrong. Matthew Moyer examines this anthology from the celebrated fanzine Alter Ego, full of comics passion, knowledge and treasures.

  • Modern Masters Volume Eight: Walter Simonson

    Modern Masters Volume Eight: Walter Simonson

    It’s easy to appreciate a comic artist’s craft. But what goes on behind the scenes? How does a Great One get to be… well, Great? Matthew Moyer gets the scoop on Walter Simonson in the latest installment of TwoMorrow’s Modern Masters series.

  • Modern Masters: John Byrne

    Modern Masters: John Byrne

    Everyone has lots to say about John Byrne. Matthew Moyer examines this collection of interviews and art that let the man and his work speak for himself.

  • Comic Book Nerd

    Comic Book Nerd

    After trolling through Comic Book Nerd‘s first issue, Matthew Moyer has only one thing to say: “Worst Comic Book Parody ever“. Or was that best?

  • Superheroes In My Pants!

    Superheroes In My Pants!

    What’s missing in superhero comics of today? Mark Evanier has an idea or two, and Ben Varkentine thinks he’s dead-on, in this book about heroes (fictional and real) and Madmen.

  • Comics Above Ground

    Comics Above Ground

    The medium is the message, but what of the media? Ben Varkentine investigates.

  • The Collected Jack Kirby Collector: Volume One

    Jack Kirby was the creator or co-creator of almost every Marvel Comics super-hero and villain you ever heard of, including The Fantastic Four, Magneto, the X-Men, and Doctor Doom. Ben Varkentine says this book may not be the place to start for newcomers, but fans will have a picnic.

  • Against The Grain: Mad Artist Wallace Wood

    Wallace Wood was, unquestionably, one of the worldÃs greatest cartoonists. His work ranged from parody to mainstream superheroes to the undergrounds and was loved by his colleagues and fans alike. Yet this could not erase the rough edges of his life. Ben Varkentine takes a new look at an old favorite.

  • Dick Giordano: Changing Comics, One Day At A Time

    Artist and editor Dick Giordano headed DC Comics’ editorial department through the ’80s. By a strange coincidence, that happens to have been the decade of Ben Varkentine’s "golden age" as a fan, so he’s here to get filled in on all the details.

  • Wertham Was Right!

    Ben Varkentine returns to the mysterious plane of Mark Evanier’s marvelous Point Of View with a review of the writer’s new essay collection, Wertham Was Right! And it’s a gas…

  • Comic Books and Other Necessities of Life

    Ben Varkentine introduces you to Mark Evanier’s unique and interesting "Point Of View" with a review of the writer’s new essay collection, Comic Books and Other Necessities of Life.

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