• Gainesville (I-V)

    Gainesville boredom plunges Precipitate8 into vampire delusions, epileptic seizures and various chemical escapades.

  • Orlando (Part Last)

    Precipitate8, after a night out on the town, almost makes it to the car, but late night crazies and wiccan vampire watchers have other ideas.

  • Orlando (Part One)

    Precipitate8 samples the nightlife in the city that Mickey built, Orlando, for a blur of goth clubs, drugs, bad silver shirts, and stand-offs with vampires.

  • Vampire Weekend Warriors

    Bladejob bites the hand that feeds it and watches the blood flow
    with a look at vampires and wrestling. Not what you’d expect. And more
    effusive praise for Steve Corino. Some would call it bad timing…

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